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Ms E.O. - Parent

When I was sent the link to Brain Academy, I knew instantly my girl would enjoy it! Dara is such a calm teacher and Bella enjoys every session with her

Mrs T.O.- Parent

Brain academy by Dara is an AMAZING resource!! Dara's teaching approach is subtle but effective. She has a great work ethic and is effective in demonstrating and discussing the content/materials being studied...My son looks forward eagerly to his weekly sessions! 
Thank you BrainAcademybyDara!!

Rachael Omoju - Year 3 student

Excellent tutoring, I have learnt alot of skills in Maths and English that I didnt know before in a very short while. I would definitely recommend Brain Academy anytime

Mrs J.O. - parent

Dara is an excellent teacher. She has helped Rachael improve in areas that she struggled with alot especially in Maths. Rachael enjoys her classes and I would definitely recommend Brain Academy!

Annabel - year 3

Ever since Dara has been tutoring me for maths and English, I’ve been learning. She’s really kind and patient so I easily understand her! 

Ruby - year 5

Dara helps me learn really well and explains how to do things clearly. She has taught me many things in English and maths. I really enjoy the lessons overall. 

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